My passion is taking others on a journey that they have never experienced into a world of creativity and change. Meet Samarica Sallier Mack: I was born in the Emerald city known as Seattle WA. As a child I always loved doing hair. I loved the art of different hairstyles. As I got older I was the go to hairstylist for all my friends . At the age of 16 I moved to Texas with my family and soon landed a job at MAC Cosmetics where I perfected my craft in make up. Later I was noticed by modeling agencies and began a modeling career in Texas, New York, and over seas in Barcelona Spain. After many years of modeling I learned so much about the fashion industry that I decided to put all my talents together, and start a hair and make up company. Today I own SASA Hair & Makeup. I am excited about the work that I do. I work in the spirit of excellence. I am grateful and love to inspire and encourage people to understand that beauty begins from within.